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Thanks to Marvaline for presenting me with my first award for this site! ~5/17/01~ Be sure and visit her Site Directory, she's got some wonderful sites to explore!

I am most honored to receive this handsome award from Helmuth, and I really appreciate the effort he went to to get it to me. Many thanks, Helmuth! ~7/7/01~

Thanks to everyone that voted for this site in Lady Timeless's Top 40 sites contest! ~9/21/01~

Thank you Candi for this charming award! It is much appreciated!

Thanks to Marvaline for this beautiful holiday award! Her Christmas site is must see!

Thanks to Trikerchick for this really cool award! ~2/16/02~

Thanks to everyone at HPO for voting us April's "Homepage Excellence Award" winner! ~5/1/02~